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OMG!!! Look who we found on Little Remedies today >> Rebecca and her adorable, darling baby we will simply refer to as Marc's newest love obsession. Yes, she is his first granddaughter!!! Lucky, lucky Marc. Marc has been one of my dearest friends since we lived in Morton Grove.  He would show up at our side door, all hours of the day and night (in those days we were allowed to ride our bikes around the neighborhood and kids even played outside without supervision.) Marc and I did everything together. I was there for him when Mrs. Drake dumped his desk in the middle of the classroom because it was too messy and threatened to whip him with one of her infamous wet noodles. When we were in middle school we walked to our local theater and watched our first Woody Allen movie together. And there was really no question who we would choose to partner with for high school graduation.  Marc was my special person growing up. And even though we seldom see one another anymore, we both know we will always be there for each other and completely kvell over the other's joys. Having said all that and even knowing I have a special connection to the both the stars of the featured video, I still think the the vignette itself is so so cute, it cannot help but bring a smile to your face.

Mommy Scarves 

And you know what – even beyond the great acting and the cutest baby ever, Rebecca is right. Every mom should always have a scarf handy (did you notice the scarf in Rebecca's hair? What a great idea!) And in order to have a scarf handy you really NEED a drawer full of scarves to match with any and every outfit 🙂 Better yet, buy 2 today so you and your little one can match one day in the future! Or why not match your own mom right now! Today, is running a BOGO sale so if you buy one for you and one for your mom, you can get mom's free

scarves one for you one for mom sale, mommy scarves

Which of the scarves do we like best? We think some of the lighter, thinner scarves work best as mommy scarves.

Mommy Scarves

Best Mommy Scarves >> Big Cats Leopard Scarf | Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie ScarfNavy Star Studded Scarf | Anchor Scarf

Oh wait! We just found these fabulously patterned scarves on Modcloth. Although not BOGO they are all priced well. More scarves for that scarf drawer!

Keep checking back – we are now obsessed with mommy scarves and will continue searching for the best of the best!

Make it Match!

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