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Dollie & Me! Mother, Daughter & Doll Fashion

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Back in 2017, we were so excited to announce an incredible Dollie & Me Sale on zulily. Unfortunately, Zulily has gone out of business but since then lots of merchants have entered the wonderful world of girl and doll fashion. We continue to adore girl and doll matching anything and everything!  Our friends over at even suggest brides gift their flower girls matching dolls as a wedding remembrance. (see below) These adorable ensembles come with an identical outfits for your daughter & her favorite 18″ doll companion, encouraging hours of imagination and play. They fit both American Girl and Madame Alexander dolls. Plus at these prices, now moms can spend more money on their own coordinating outfits. How cute would it be to coordinate black and white Dollie & Me outfits with your own black and white outfit.

Here are a few of the many outfits and pajama sets that tickle our fancy. Doll & Girl Pajamas on Sale

Dollie & Me Sale!

Currently the actual brand Dollie & Me primarily has pajamas in stock on Amazon. But they are darling!

Doll + Me Matching Outfits

Matching Dollie & Me Outfits

Pro-Tip! Again, lots of Doll+Me matching pajamas are available on Amazon but if you cannot decide which brand to go with, our hands down first choice would be Leveret.

Girl and Doll Leveret Pajamas
Girl and Doll Leveret Pajamas

And our friends over at The Riding Corner have put together the cutest Dollie and Me Horse and Unicorn Pajamas available on Amazon. Hopefully, they will be discounted on Prime Day!

Doll and Me Matching Horse Pajamas
Leveret Doll and Me Matching Horse Pajamas & Nightgowns

Loving these matching legging set outfits!

And how adorable are these matching girls & doll sleeveless dresses!

And young ones always love to wear their favorite characters and even better when their favorite doll gets to wear them too!

Perfect Flower Girl Gifts

Courtesy of

Dessy has completely updated and upgraded its beautiful line of Flower Girl Dresses. Even if you cannot find an exact matching doll dress, there are quite a few white 18″ doll dresses which can definitely achieve a similar look.

Pro-tip! Be sure to decide on your flower girl dresses early! Although a few of these dresses are stocked and ready to ship, many ship in 7-8 weeks or longer, just like your bridesmaid dresses.

Alternatively, if your wedding vision includes print and has a more casual garden party vibe, we are loving this American Girl Love Shack Fancy collaboration!

Girl and Doll Matching American Girl and Love Shack Fancy Garden Party Flower Girl Dresses
Girl and Doll Matching American Girl and Love Shack Fancy Garden Party Flower Girl Dresses

Party Hearty!

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