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Published on June 20th, 2016 | by momme


zulily Just Like Mommy Sale!

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WOW!  Can you tell we are excited?  We just discovered another Just Like Mommy zulily Sale a and had to share, again.  Plus this time we even found it with 20 hours left on the clock and most outfits still available.  But do not dawdle. If the number of likes on this Just Like Mommy Sale is any indicator, the clothes will sell out quickly. Any or all of these outfits are pretty perfect for hot summer days.

Here are a few of our favorite pairings (Just click on the images to go directly to the sale pages). Although many of the sales on this page are over, there are often a handful of remaining items still on sale so until they are all gone, we will keep them up 🙂

Just Like Mommy Sale! 

Most of these mommy and me matching outfits are from Maya Kay Fashion although zulily has thrown in a couple of other brands too!

Here are a few mom + me matching t-shirts

Just Like Mommy Sale T-shirts

Now the just like mommy dresses >> first the Solo La Fe florals

Mother Daughter Matching Floral Dresses

Now the Solo La Fe stripes and geometrics

Mother Daughter Matching Striped & Geometric Dresses

And for those of you who like ruffles, you have lots of choices from RuffleGirl!

Just Like Mommy RuffleGirl Sale!

And finally, Maya Kay leggings!

Just Like Mommy Pants & Leggings

Check out the whole Just Like Mommy Sale for even more mom + me Matching outfits!

Make it Match!

zulily Just Like Mommy Sale! momme

Summary: If you love to don matching mommy and me outfits, you absolutely must check out this just like mommy sale! #toocute


Just Like Mommy!

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