Best Family at Home Service Project – Coupons Help!

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Finally, a mom and me activity that meets all of our criteria! It is fun, it is educational, and it will help empower you and your child to make a difference and to help make this world a better place to live. Plus, your child will have a new role model in Chloe Glazer, the 10 year old who started Coupons Help, a non-profit organization dedicated spreading the word that clipping coupons for others is a simple but powerful tool in the fight against hunger.

Best Mom & Me Service Project - Coupons Help!

Here is how it all began:  Chloe was enjoying a dinner with family friends  when her Dad's buddy casually mentioned the food pantry he worked with could use coupons in addition to food to help those in need purchase food and essentials. Soon thereafter, Chloe took it upon herself to begin clipping coupons from the Sunday paper that would have otherwise gone unused and mailed them to the shelter. It made a difference.  So she decided to go global and introduce the concept to people all over the world, especially kids like her, by creating a website that would promote the concept that coupon clipping is a fun and meaningful activity that can be made even more fun and meaningful when we all work together to achieve a common goal. Chloe’s goal is to get kids from around the world to send her 3,000 coupons by the end of year!  We applaud her efforts and are imploring you to support her in every way possible including spreading the word.  Facebook like and share their page, tweet about this project, email information about Coupons Help to friends and family, and substitute a couponing activity for a craft activity at your child's next birthday party.  So pull out your scissors and follow the guidelines set out by Coupons Help to decide which  coupons to cut.  Next mail the coupons to Chloe at the address below.  And finally know your time and efforts made a difference by helping someone in need buy essentials to survive and be healthy.

Coupons Help Coupon Guidelines          Coupons Help Mailing Address

Let's #getclipping!

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