Road Trip! Don’t Forget the Fidget Spinners & Fidget Cubes!

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Every day we receive emails from some of our favorite merchants jumping on the fidget spinner bandwagon. There is no doubt the fidget spinner was last summer's trending toy. And although they might not be the “it” toy of the summer, we still love them! We love them for kids. We love them for adults.  Although fidget spinners were originally designed to help relieve stress and serve as a release for nervous energy, we like them because they are fun. And they might be the perfect travel toy. They are small. They are mesmerizing. And they actually can be used to diffuse potentially stressful situations that inevitably develop as families across the country embark on family road trips this summer.

Road Trip! Don't Forget the Fidget Spinners!

Road Trip with Fidget Spinners

Having said that, we have experienced, first hand, the one insidious downside to our new favorite toy. Squabbles over the toys themselves and screams of “you stole my fidget spinner”. We cannot even begin to quantify the bickering but draw the line when the quarrels turn physical.  However, there is one way to circumvent the likely fidget spinner battles. Purchase clearly identifiable spinners. Think personalized fidget spinners.

One option is to actually purchase personalized fidget spinners. But priced at $12.99 each these fancy fidget spinners seem a little over the top.

Or maybe not so over the top. We just searched for fidget spinner on Amazon and were shocked out how pricey they can be, even when not personalized!

Team Logo Fidget Spinners

Alternatively, and what we would do, is get each member of the family their own team logo fidget spinner. Not only are some of the fidget spinners from Fanatics among the lowest priced we have found, they offer so, so many options. Our boys are already planning team vs team battles. Just like they create their own sports team games when they play outside, they are already thinking about the how many variations of fidget spinner games they can create during a 5 hour road trip. Hence, buying a basketful of “just in case” team logo fidget spinners to keep in your car, or to throw in your carry-on bag for a plane trip, can easily amount to hours and hours of quiet, seated fun.

And if your kids are really into it, once they get back home they can even work on mastering fidget spinner stunts. Check out the featured  11 Incredible Hand Spinner Fidget Tricks Challenge from Incredible Science (you can skip all the self-promotional babble and jump right to the tricks at 1:58)

Raod Trip Don't Forget the Fidget Spinners

Team Logo Fidget Spinners


We just checked and it seems that this year, Fanatics is also offering Team Logo Baseball and Football Fidget Cubes! So fun!

And here are a few more travel games we found on (our “go to” site for great finds, cool stuff & perfect basics).

Make it Match & Safe Travels!

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