Healthy Moms Healthy Babies Healthy Living – Part 1

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Today we depart from our usual kitsch and giggles to focus on a matter of real import – healthy moms healthy babies healthy living!  And yes, they do match.

One of the keys to being happy and healthy post pregnancy is to focus on your own health and your baby's health and to refrain from obsessing about other people's accomplishments and experiences. You are not Kim Kardashian. You are not Gwen Stefani.  You are not your friend, Karen or Rebecca, or even your sister or your mom. Each of us is unique with our own sets of priorities for the health & well being of our own family and our own body.  Your job is to worry about what is best for you, not someone else! Today's renaissance women are expected to do it all, and do it all well. This is most often an unreasonable expectation – please, if nothing else own the fact that perfection is an unreasonable expectation! Yes, there are amazing women who seem to have mastered the juggling act of being a doting, loving and present mother while maintaining a fabulously exciting and meaningful  career, and looking and feeling great all at the same time. Those are inspiring stories (often unverified but inspiring nonetheless). Please do not be overly devastated if you do not find achieving perfection as easy as they say it is. Most of us can barely manage to find time to take a shower after the birth of our first child, let alone look perfectly manicured and coiffed while curing cancer and nursing at the same time.  Likewise, the women who claim to have lost all their baby weight in less than a month, returned to work right away, and find time to exercise while spending quality time with their family are to be applauded. And yes, reliable sources say it is possible with an incredible  support team and sizable resources at your disposal. But we reiterate – perfection cannot & should not be the expectation!

Healthy Families Start with Healthy Moms

Similarly, all of us would like to get back to our pre-preganancy bodies as soon as possible but not to the detriment of our own health and for sure not if there is the slightest chance of harm to our baby.  If you are worried about the number on the scale, or your pants size, you may not be focused on your overall health and its affect on your new baby.

What to do!

We suggest taking it slowly. Try to eat healthy. Go for a walk with your baby. Dance with and for your baby (this may even make your little one laugh). And be kind to yourself.

Healthy Moms Healthy Babies >> Make them Match!

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