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Handmade Christmas Dresses

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Every year, year in and year out, Cynthia would sew Isabelle a very special holiday dress. These dresses were always Izzy's favorites and right after the holidays, were “retired” to her dress up trunks to be worn over and over again.  Even when we thought she had long outgrown them, the holiday dresses would re-appear in home fashion shows, always a bit shorter but just as darling. In fact, just last year, twelve years after she originally wore the dress, Iz pulled out one of her all time favorite holiday dresses and wore it to an ugly sweater holiday party.  Needless to say, her outfit was voted Best of the Night!

So although these Christmas dresses might not be matching, we promise you, they will be memorable. And we found them all in various Etsy shops, so you can rest assured, they were sewed with love.

Handmade Christmas Dresses

Little Girl Christmas Dresses

Little Girl Christmas Dresses | Featured Dress by BittyBundlesofJoy 

Little Girl Christmas Print Holiday Dresses

Little Girl Christmas Print Holiday Dresses

This next group of dresses are handmade by SistersSewPrecious who we discovered after they followed FamilyHolidayPjs on Instagram. These Christmas prints are very similar to the types of prints Cynthia used on Isabelle's dresses.

Toddler Christmas Dresses

Toddler Christmas Dresses from SistersSewPrecious

Start your own family tradition. Order your daughter's Christmas dress today. And hurry – many shops stop taking orders in early December.

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