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Family Trick-or-Treat Bags

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This may be going a bit crazy with the matching family thing but we cannot help but think it would be absolutely darling if the whole family had matching trick-or-treat bags like so many families do with Christmas stockings. As you know, we are really into starting family traditions here. We believe these traditions are how family memories are created. The idea of pulling out your matching family trick-or-treat bags each Halloween and taking an annual family Halloween photo is just #toocute for words especially if you are all dressed in Mommy, Daddy & Me Matching Halloween Costumes. (Please, please do not wear your matching costume to your child’s school — that really is too embarrassing for words).

Personalized Family Trick-or-Treat Bags

Here are a few of our favorite family trick-or-treat bags, all of which can be personalized.  There are a surprisingly large selection from which to choose from canvas bags & totes, to pillowcases and kids’ plush treat bags.

These plush treat bags are probably just for the kids. We think they may be just a tad too cutesy for Moms and more than a tad too cutesy for Dads. They are also a bit small for grown-ups, measuring just 8″ high and wide.

Make it Match!

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