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Kidorable Rain Gear Doubles as Halloween Costumes

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Just this morning, we received an email from Shopstyle proclaiming this year's trending Halloween look is outfits not costumes. All we wanted to do is scream, WE TOLD  YOU SO!  In fact before we even saw the email, we partnered up with the folks over at Kidorable because we thought their adorable children's rain jackets paired with their matching umbrellas and rain boots could be the perfect Halloween costume for our friends who live in areas of the country where it actually rains. (please, please send it our way :: California is in desperate need of rain this year!) You need to buy rain gear anyway so why not make your purchase do double duty by serving as your kids' Halloween costumes also. And everyone will be fist pumping you left and right congratulating you on your ingenuity. Your kids will have both the best costume and cutest rain gear in the neighborhood and you saved on not buying a separate costume.

And yes, you too can match your child.  Although you could pick up an inexpensive coordinating costume, why not simply wear an outfit that can later e re-mixed and matched and worn week in and week out. Although there are so many darling raincoats, we have chosen to showcase just two looks mostly because the Kidorable umbrellas are also available in adult sizes so you can both coordinate your outfits with your little ones and carry matching umbrellas!

Kidorable Rain Gear 

Mommy Matches the Cutest Little Ladybug, Ever!

Mother Daughter Matching Ladybugs

Mom >> Plus Size Red Polka Dot Cardigan, Ladybug Socks, Not shown: Red Polka Dot Blouse (so cute!), Ladybug T-shirts | Kids >> Ladybug Outerwear, Not shown: Kids Ladybug Outfits | More Ladybug Costumes for Moms & Kids

Mommy Matches the Cutest Little Frog, Ever!

Mommy Matches Her Cute Little Frog

Mom >>Green Sweater, Frog Hoodie, Not Shown: Frog Hat, Frog T-Shirts & Frog Slipper Socks  | Kids >> Frog Outerwear, Not shown: Boys Frog Clothes, More Frog Costumes for Mom & Me

Below is a quick overview of more darling raincoats.  It does not take long to pull together a matching mom + me look.  If you are swamped and would prefer us to find some options, just email us.  It would be our pleasure to help you out! Please know, our  services are almost always complimentary!

Kidadorable Raincoats

Kidorable Rain Gear

Make it Match!

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