The Best Nightlight for Your Nursery, Kids’ Rooms & Everywhere!

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Update! Almost three years later we are still pretty obsessed with our latest find >> SnapPower Outlet Covers. Normally we do not promote random products but since so many of you have babies and toddlers we had to share! We think these chic streamlined outlet cover nightlights might actually be, as the company describes, the “best nightlight in history.” They not only look great but they may very well help keep your family safe!

This is exactly what we needed when our kids were young. We will never forget the day Daniel escaped from his crib and pulled the night light out of the socket. Yes, little Mr Daniel then decided to insert a metal object in the night light's place. I will never forget the sound of his scream. Or trying to figure out why his fingers were blackened. It took us a while to realize he had inserted the metal  arm strap from the captain's chair in his room into the light socket.  If we had these SnapPower Outlet Covers with built in LED Night Lights we would have been spared these memories.

One more thing, which in our eyes is really important >> installing these outlet covers really is a snap. After the company sent us a few free samples to try, we installed them at home. Installation took me, the most un-handy person in the world, no more than 2 minutes.

The Best Nightlight for Your Nursery, Kids' Rooms & Everywhere!

SnapPower The Best Nightlight in History Outlet Coverplate with LED Night Lights

SnapPower “The Best Nightlight in History” Outlet Coverplate with LED Night Lights 

Keep Your Family Safe!

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