Towel Charms :: The Perfect Solution to Family Towel Fights!

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Update! Unfortunately, TowelCharms is taking a little break.  We promise to let you know if and when these darling charms are again available.

We are so completely and utterly charmed, we felt compelled to share. Karen Pence, the owner of TowelCharms, has found a darling way to solve a very common, everyday problem. Yes, all of us with children (or for that matter, spouses or significant others) have experienced the annoying issue of someone else using our towel. As moms we are used to sharing almost everything but most of us have at least one thing we just do not want to share.  For me, it is my water bottle.  For many it is their bathroom towels. But with today's simple design aesthetic, more and more people are choosing a monochromatic color scheme. This causes one, usually unforeseen, problem >>unless you are willing to be constantly doing laundry or have a linen closet filled with monogrammed towels, how can you tell one family member's towel from another? The solution is unbelievably simple. Think Towel Charms. And yes, mom, dad, and all the kids can match exactly (differentiating one from another with an additional initial charm) or everyone in the family can almost match if each family member chooses a charm that reflects his or her individual personality.

Towel Charms

So exactly what is a towel charm?  It is an adorable little ring that goes through the towel and has a unique charm for each individual. (Think wine charms…for towels!) The ring is rust resistant as well so that it won't rust if it gets wet.

Just to spark your imagination, below are a few images of how towel charms might look in your home. In addition to eliminating towel fights at home, they are perfect for helping your children quickly identify their towels at sleepovers, pool & beach parties, and even at camp. Towel charms also make great birthday party, shower, and hostess gifts. And they are so small you can easily take them with you when you hit the road this summer. It is almost impossible to remember whose towel is whose when everyone in the family is sharing one hotel room bathroom.


And now for a few of our favorite charms including charms for sporty families, beachy families, animal lovers and transportation obsessed kids.

Transporation Towel Charms

Transportation Towel Charms | Transportation Towel Hooks

Wedding Towel Charms

Wedding Towel Charms | Heart Design Wine Charms | His & Her Towel Hooks | Love Towel Hooks

If you are interested in purchasing the initial charms or see a design you like here but it is not currently featured in the TowelCharm Etsy Shop, feel free to message Karen via the “Contact the Shop Owner” link and tell her MomMeMatch suggested you speak with her directly. Also be sure to peruse the entire store. Truthfully, sometimes it is hard to find exactly what you are looking for without scrolling through all of the gift sets. For example, long after we created our animals collage we found a horse in the western gift set.

Just Another Thought!

In the meantime, if you really like the idea of towel charms, you might want to at least try attaching a wine charm to your towels but be sure to take them off before you do the wash! Alternatively, monogramming is still a good option, as well as using towel hooks or towel rings and assigning specific hooks to each family member!

Make it Match!


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  • Donna Reineke
    July 15, 2016 at 12:08 pm

    Our family LOVES them & I LOVE doing less laundry! Donna Reineke


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