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“100 years ago this week women were guaranteed the right to vote. And vote we must. Whether you cast your ballot in person, or by mail, we implore you to vote. And we beg you to encourage, or strong arm, or send constant subtle messages to everyone you interact with, both in person and remotely, to vote. In many states you can cast your vote early. DO IT! Vote as soon as your state permits it. Voting is both a right and an obligation. Use it wisely. And if you are healthy and able, volunteer to be a poll worker.”  –

So you must be wondering what VOTE necklaces have to do with family matching everything? We say everything! Let your jewelry do the talking by subtly reminding people to vote. Buy one for yourself. One for your daughter. Buy one for your mom. One for your sister. Gift another one to your cousin. And present one to each of your friends. Make them match! The more women wearing a VOTE necklace the more people will be reminded to vote!

Friends and Family Make ‘Em Match VOTE Necklaces

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Between the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment and Michelle Obama's fabulous BYCHARI V O T E Necklace, twitter is abuzz with all things voting. We truly believe this little VOTE necklace is bound to become an integral part of the history of women's voting. From now until November every woman should wear a VOTE necklace, day in and day out. Wear it with your mask when shopping (you could wear a vote mask too!) Wear it on your Zoom or Teams calls. You can even wear it when walking your dog. Just wear it to subtly remind everyone to vote anytime they see you.

Your vote necklace need not be as pricey as this BYCHARI necklace (($405), although it is truly fabulous! We have sourced plenty of other reasonably priced options. Michele Obama Wearing Vote Necklace

Michelle Obama Wearing Vote Necklace During Her Speech to the 2020 Democratic National Convention (watch it here on Instagram)

More Vote Necklaces

Vote Necklace Celebrating 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment

Vote Necklace Celebrating 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment >> $50.00

Vote Necklaces

Remember to Vote Necklace >> $18.00 – $50.00

We reached out to one of our favorite name necklace partners to see if they could create an image to show you how the word VOTE would look on a few of their pieces. All we can say is WOW! Not only did they come through for us but the necklaces look great and are very affordable! We are particularly loving this very on trend bar necklace with the word VOTE!

Custom VOTE Bar Necklace

Custom VOTE Bar Necklace

They also sent us an image of how VOTE might look on one of their standard name necklaces. Thank you GetNameNecklace!

VOTE Name Necklace

Personalized VOTE Name Necklace

VOTE Jewelry

Necklaces are great but so are earrings and brooches. Any type of jewelry will accomplish the goal to get out the vote!

Get Out the Vote Jewelry Earrings and Brooches

Get Out the Vote Jewelry Earrings, Pins and Brooches & Necklace >> $4 -$35

This bracelet is very on trend and oh so cute, especially at just $35.00!

Vote Mantra Bracelet

Vote Mantra Bracelet >> $35

We also love anything and everything Capsul Jewelry. These name blocks could easily read VOTE or if you want to splurge, you can handwrite the word Vote and have the company create a custom signature necklace.

Capsul Jewelry Custom Necklaces

Capsul Jewelry Custom VOTE Necklace >> $60+

And if you want something with a bit of bling, you will definitely want to consider personalizing this pave block letter necklace to say VOTE.

Personalized Pave Block Name Shaker Necklace

Personalized Pave Vote Necklace >> $175

Make it Match!

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