Adorable Matching Mother Baby Mocs

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Are these matching mother baby mocs not the cutest things ever! C L A M F E E T are soft soled baby crib shoes (with matching shoes for moms) featuring a unique design and finished with a soft elastic heel. These shoes are as soft as socks, but actually stay on little feet! Each pair is fully lined with soft, 100% cotton flannel. Plus, C L A M F E E T are designed, hand cut + hand crafted by an entrepeneurial mom in Los Angeles. We love supporting small business moms whenever we can!

Adorable Matching Mother Baby Mocs

Clamfeet Mother & Baby Matching Soft Sole Shoes, Adorable Matching Mother Baby Mocs

C L A M F E E T are available in women's sizes 6-10 and babies' sizes 0-24 month. Don't worry – they make it easy and show you exactly how to measure to find your perfect size! Remember, with their soft soles, these mocs are more like house slippers or play shoes and are not meant to be worn outside. One more thing we love about these slippers >> they are made using eco-friendly fabrics & organic linings.

We think these mother baby mocs belong in this year's Christmas stockings, how about you? They also make great baby shower gifts and new mommy gifts!

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