Mommy & Me Matching Toms Vegan Shoes

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Yesterday was Earth Day.  So today, with a renewed commitment to integrating eco-friendly living into all aspects of our lives, we have chosen to feature these adorable Mom & Me matching Toms Vegan shoes.  In this product line Toms makes a concerted effort to not only not use any animal products but also to utilize recycled materials.

Obviously, the black classic Toms can be worn all year round but we really like the chambray shoes and think they will soon become you and your little one's summer “go to” shoe!

Toms Earthwise PLUSfoam Vegan Classic Shoes

Toms Vegan Classic Mommy & Me Matching Shoes

Earthwise PLUSfoam Vegan TOMS Classics for Mom and her Little One

 Toms Vegan Chambray Shoes

Toms Vegan Mom & Me Matching Chambray Shoes

Toms Vegan Chambray Matching Mother & Daughter Shoes

Remember, with every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need with their One for One® commitment to match every pair of TOMS purchased with a new pair given to a child in need.

Make it Match!

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