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Outfits Fit for a Royal Baby

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We are not even slightly hesitant to admit our fascination, bordering on an obsession, with the royal family.  This weekend The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released a series of stunning photographs of Prince George and Princess Charlotte together at home taken by  none other than The Duchess of Cambridge herself.  Clearly this was a staged photo shoot otherwise no two children of such young ages would possibly look so clean and put together, without a single hair out of place.  And yes, you too can create a similar look. Check out this classic yet wearable outfits from Janie and Jack.

Outfits Fit for a Royal Baby

Outfits Fit for a Royal Baby

For your darling baby, outfit her in this machine washable 100% pima cotton white one piece newborn outfit decorated with cables and sweater knit.

 Layette Cable Knit One-Piece   White Knit baby outfit

Now dress her older brother either in a white pique polo  with light blue woven collar trim or white and blue trimmed colorblock oxford shirt.  Pair with these palm tree adorned light blue striped shorts and blue socks.

 White and Blue Trimmed Colorblock Oxford Shirt  white pique polo with light blue woven collar trim palm tree adorned light blue striped shorts

If you want to include mom & dad in the portrait we think these classically modern looks would look great!

 Joie eavan dress   Joie sovinb dress

Bonobos KNIT Polo White  bonobos Mens Blue Shorts

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